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Alisa Aalbok

Peer counsellor, trainer

Alisa Aalbok

My clients are people with drug, alcohol or gambling addiction.

Exiting the vicious cycle of addiction without help is a very complicated and often impossible task.

My job is to advise, motivate and help you on this journey in a way that creates hope and belief that life without addiction substances is possible.

In my work, I rely on personal recovery experience, which began in 2009. I started working as a volunteer and underwent various training and studies. Counselling became my main job in 2018.

I have graduated from Tallinn University in the field of social work and have completed training as an peer counsellor. I value my practical experience with clients, whose trust and healing has given me the will and strength to do this work.

In my life and work, I rely most on the philosophy of the 12 steps program, which has been recognized as the most effective method of addiction treatment. Every person is unique and it is possible to reach healing by different routes. I have also learned and learned a number of different techniques and I consider it important to have a personalized approach to find a suitable way for each person to recover.

As a trainer and counsellor, I would like to convey the experiences and knowledge that have helped me and my clients.

Languages: Estonian, English, Russian

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