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gerli birgit plooman

About me

My clients are teenagers and adults who seek help for various emotional problems and worries as well as appreciate diverse, dedicated and science-based approaches when facing them. As determination, consistency and support are important features when tackling various problems, I am always here for the client and can offer different approaches and tools when dealing with them. I am determined that every problem has a solution and this is what I am here for - to help them solve with You.

After high school I decided to obtain further education in London, England. Namely, I have completed my undergraduate degree from University of Westminster and postgraduate degree from Goldsmiths University of London, both in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience. During my undergrad I investigated the potential connection between aphantasia and prosopagnosia as well as the prevalence of coexistence.

On top of that, during my postgraduate degree I researched intentionality and hostility biases in borderline personality disorder in a general population.

In other words, prosopagnosia is the inability to recognise faces and aphantasia is the inability to perceive mental imagery.

Thus, I am now back in Estonia and ready to apply knowledge to practice.

I have completed a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course, which can be effectively applied to depression, anxiety, stress and negative thought patterns, in order to improve the quality of life and effectively face challenges. As neuroscience and psychology are my passion, I often attend seminars and courses as well as read scientific literature and research papers to gain further knowledge in the field.

Languages: Estonian, English

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