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Oksaana Kozlova-Zurheide

Peer counsellor


About me

You are welcome to an appointment if drugs, alcohol or complicated relationships are taking control of your life.

If you or your loved one suffers from addiction, I can help you heal. Together, we will create a foundation for addiction-free life.

You will learn not only how to overcome addiction and co-dependence, but also how to beat difficulties and experience real feelings without suppressing them.

One of the goals of healing is to get rid of feelings of guilt and shame because of addiction. Understanding addiction disorder and acquiring new skills without using chemical substances is important.

I help my clients to strive for conscious healing, life without addiction and increased quality of life.

I base my work on years of experience, knowledge and effective treatment methods, including the 12 steps program.

I have been working as an addiction and co-addiction counsellor since 2009, have a personal recovery experience and have undergone various international training courses in this field.

Since 2018, I am studying as a psychotherapist at the Ukrainian Institute of Addiction Psychotherapy and I am a member of the Society of Psychotherapists.

As a peer counsellor and group leader, I have worked with very different target groups, which has given me invaluable experience to understand this disorder even more deeply.

My employers have been Convictus Estonia, Child Safety Centre, Confido and Elulootus.

I am constanty learning and improving myself to be able to provide even better help.

Languages: Russian

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