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NLP-based stress reduction program

Crises and stress are a natural part of life. It becomes a problem when we experience tension and stress constantly and over a long period of time. Burnout is a chronic stress condition that leads to mental and physical exhaustion.

We invite you to participate if you feel that:

  • stress is a constant daily companion;
  • predominantly negative thoughts/emotions at work;
  • you are tired and dissatisfied even outside of work;
  • (family) problems accumulate.

We invite you to participate if you wish:

  • knowledge and skills about how to treat burnout and stress;
  • to learn the basic techniques of NLP to support coping with stress and self-development;
  • to prevent future burnout.

Content of the program

The program looks at what stress and burnout mean, how they affect our health and different areas of life, what the causes are, and whether and what can be done to improve the situation. Together, we learn and perform various exercises that help to find suitable approaches for everyone to successfully with reduce stress, preventing burnout.

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a branch of applied psychology, the main focus of which is to design constructive thinking. The founders of the NLP, the US Professor of Linguistics John Grinder and the psychotherapist Richard Bandler, concluded in the 1970s that success, achievments and satisfaction were based on certain models of thought and action. It is possible to get to know your thought and action models and to change or construct a new and more efficient model according to the purpose, using the experiences of yourself and others.

NLP is used for personal development and work-related success. As a technique, NLP has been proven to be a tool to bring about rapid and effective change.

Target group:

Everyone interested in improving their stress management skills

Group size:

Max 10

Before group meetings:

Individual coaching, exact time and place will be agreed upon after registration.

Between group meetings:

Self-reflection, group discussions.

Price: 500 euros

registration fee 65 euros (non-refundable).
The price includes registration fee. No VAT is added.

To register, please send an e-mail to

  1. Individual coaching.
    Time will be agreed upon after registering for the program.
    Objective: clarification of personal expectations, objectives and need for support.
  2. Introduction.
    Introduction. Types and causes of stress. Development of chronic stress. Basic principles of the NLP.
  3. States of attention and mind.
    Resource mapping. Senses and sense systems.
    Conscious creation of states of attention and mind and how to use them.
  4. Art of making functional changes
    Techniques of systemic situation analysis.
    Logical levels of change.
  5. Thought models and belief systems. Value hierarchy.
    Basic structure of beliefs and changing of restrictive beliefs.
    Explanation of the hierarchy of values.
  6. Self-motivation and leadership
    Self-directing in time. The aspects of time and their impact.
    Main meta-programmes and options for extending them. Initiation of self-motivation.
  7. Formulating objectives and drawing up a functional action plan.
    S.C.O.R-E. model.
    Summary, completion of the program.

To register, please send an e-mail to

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