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Coaching is structured cooperation aimed at achieving a specific goal, acquiring skills or habits. Coaching may take place as a one-time appointment or as a process. Coaching is suitable for any person who wishes to consciously develop themselves and implement changes within and around them.

Objectives of coaching

  • moving towards the chosen goal, overcoming any obstacles on the way
  • achieving desired results
  • learning to use one’s resources in the best way
  • managing change in a healthy way
  • inspiring, creating inner strength and balance

As a result of coaching, a person:

  • performs their work more effectively and sustainably
  • uses their skills more consciously and effectively

A coach is a specially trained person whose education and experience corresponds to the international standards defined by the ESCÜ, ICF, EMCC or similar association.

Professional coaching is mostly used by both business and public sector managers, experts and key workers, but this method is suitable for any person.

Coaching helps managers to manage people and processes better and helps experts to contribute to their work in the best possible way.

Coaching is also often used as a part of work in supervision.