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Appointment with a mental health nurse

A mental health nurse is a nurse who specializes in mental health. He or she has deepened knowledge and skills for maintaining mental health and psychological well-being, first assessment of the state of mental health, counselling of people with mental disorders and their family members.

Information about the service

A mental health nurse works closely with a psychiatrist, psychologist and other specialists. By applying different knowledge and skills, the most suitable and effective solution to the health problem is found.

We recommend to consultation with a mental health nurse at the initial referral in order to specify the state of health and receive recommendations for further action as well as for repeated health advice.

The service includes:

  • assessment of state of health and analysis of health risks;
  • health counselling of the patient and their close ones according to the diagnosis;
  • lifestyle counselling, introducing self-help techniques and various forms of therapy, along with recommendations for possible referrals;
  • administration of medicinal products under the supervision of the nurse, the sharing of information on medicinal products, the assessment and monitoring of adherence to the treatment regimen and side effects, the assessment of the need to continue treatment, and teaching how to follow the treatment regimen.